Which Class Do I Book?

Here is a simple breakdown of our classes and the ability levels required to join them.

Beginner  Improver  Intermediate  Advanced  Challenger  Explorer



Note: These classes are for children aged 4+

To check the age ranges of different classes, please see our Award Scheme


Eel 1

  • Complete Beginner - No experience.

Eel 2

  • Swim 5m (front and back) with or without buoyancy aids
  • Blowing bubbles

  • Comfortable with water on face
  • Demonstrates propulsion in water (even if stop/start)

Eel 3

  • Swim 8m front/back - continuous movement without aids
  • Retrieve an object from pool floor
  • Arms and legs move in a circular motion



Pufferfish 1-3

  • Swim 10m front/back with arms clearly coming out of the water, without buoyancy aids

  • Show very basic breaststroke ability

Pufferfish are mixed ability classes covering stages 1-3. Swimmers are likely to stay at this level for longer than the separate Eel levels.

Puffer fish transitions swimmers from swimming widths to lengths.



Rockfish 1-3

  • Swim 25m front/back
  • Demonstrate breathing technique for front crawl
  • Perform butterfly legs for 10m
  • Tread water for 15 seconds

Rockfish is mixed ability covering stages 1-3





Stingray 1-2

  • Swim 150m (approx. 6 lengths) front, back and breast
  • Demonstrate turns and finishes
  • Swim 50m butterfly





Salmon 1-3

  • Swim 250m front, back and breast
  • Demonstrate turns and finishes
  • Swim 50m butterfly




Barracuda 1-3

  • Swim 900m continuously, split 3x300 across front, back and breast.
  • Speed swim 50m in 60 seconds

Barracuda covers 3 stages and is aimed at aspiring Lifeguards.