How are Monthly Payments Worked Out?

Our monthly payment plan is designed so that you don't need to worry whether you owe a bit extra*.

The monthly payment amount depends on:

  • Class Type**
  • Lesson Cost
  • Venue Non-Member Fees
  • Active Weeks Per Year

How does that work out per lesson?

The per lesson fee includes a portion of the non-member fee where applicable. The lesson fee is made up of 2 elements:
  • The lesson 
  • Swimtime Membership 
    • This covers certificate costs that are no longer charged separately
PLEASE NOTE: where a credit is applied for a lesson cancelled by Swimtime, only the “Lesson” element will be credited.

How are the monthly payments calculated?

The price of an individual lesson is multiplied by the number of lessons in a year (Active Weeks). This is then divided by 12 months.

  • (Lesson Fee x Active Weeks) / 12 Months

*T&Cs apply

**Some class types do not qualify for monthly payments