Cancelling My Lessons / Classes

How Do I Go About Leaving Swimtime and Closing My Account With Swimtime?

Pay Monthly:

You can cancel online, anytime by giving us 30 days notice. For instructions, please go here

Pay in Advance:

If you want to cancel lessons, whether it's individually or you want to leave Swimtime, please contact your local Swimtime office directly via email.

If you're not sure which office you should contact please fill in the Contact Us form and we'll make sure they get your message.

If you are cancelling an individual lesson at the last minute please phone your local Swimtime office directly.

Your local Swimtime office will be able to arrange any refund due to you.

Please note that system adjustments related to the recent lockdown have generated some credit discrepancies on client account balances.  We are aware of this and are in the process of systematically working through these.  As a result there may be a delay in our ability to issue refunds at this time.  Thank you for your understanding and co operation 08/01/2021

More details on how we handle cancellation and refunds can be found on our Term and Conditions.