New Swimtime Award Scheme - FAQs

If you have questions about Swimtime's new award scheme please don't be afraid to ask. Here's a selection of Frequently Asked Questions, which we'll add to as we receive more:

Why has the scheme been changed?

  • By creating our own award scheme, we've been able to design a structure that is adaptable for the swimmer and their needs as well as flexibility to further raise standards in swimming teaching.
  • All of this has led to our scheme being the first of its kind to be endorsed by the International Swim School Association (ISSA), based in Australia and known in the industry as the experts when it comes to swimming teaching standards.

How does progression work?


Which stage is my child in?

  • You can see from the class name in your Swimtime account which stages your swimmer is currently in.
  • See the table below showing how the stages compare with our previous scheme:
    LTS Only Class Name Changes Ref Sheet 280818

Will we still receive certificates?

  • Yes, once a swimmer has confidently completed the learning outcomes in their current stage they will receive a certificate.

Do we still get certificates in support classes?

  • Yes. With our new award scheme, teachers are able to adapt learning outcomes for those with Special Education Needs and Disabilities. This will be shown on the certificate through an adapt award sticker applied to the certificate.

What are the new levels?

      To find out more information on our award scheme go to: